Set soc classification for incident

Input fields

incidentId (String!)
classification (SocClassification!)

Return fields

_id (ID!)


createdAt (Date)

Created At

updatedAt (Date)

Updated At

humanReadableId (ID!)


lastReportedAt (Date)

Last reported at

firstReportedAt (Date)

First reported at

policyName (IncidentPolicy!)

Which incident policy created this incident

state (IncidentState!)

Incident of the state, e.g. RESOLVED

threats ([Threat]!)

Threats related to the incident @filterable @paginatable @sortable

Argument Type Description
search String
sort [Threat_sort]
filter Threat_filter
first Int
last Int
skip Int
before ID
after ID
organization (Organization!)

Organization that this incident happened in

organizationId (ID!)

Organization ID

threatCount (Int!)

Count of related threats

notes ([IncidentNote])

Notes left for an incident

severity (ThreatSeverity)

Incident severity

escalation (IncidentEscalation)

Escalation metadata

classification (ThreatClassification)

The classification of the incident, calculated by classifications of the threats and severity

socClassification (SocClassification)

Soc classification

hasSensitiveInformation (Boolean)

If incident has sensitive information