A threat is a possibly malicious email reported by one of our users



_id (ID!)


createdAt (Date!)

When was this created?

updatedAt (Date)

When was this last updated?

severity (ThreatSeverity)

How severe is the threat?

feedbackSentAt (Date)

When was the reporter feedback sent?

ratedAt (Date)

When was the threat severity rated?

state (ThreatState!)

Is the threat uploaded?

userRequestedFeedback (Boolean)

Does user want feedback about the threat?

reporterUser (User!)

User who reported the threat

organizationId (ID!)

Id of the Organization that threat was reported to

organization (Organization!)

Organization that threat was reported to

email (ThreatEmail!)

The possibly malicious email

enrichments (ThreatEnrichments)

Enriched data

escalationEmail (EscalationEmail)

Escalation notice that gets sent to org security team

userModifiers (UserModifiers)

Additional modifier data provided by the user

threatRedirectId (ID)

UUID to help us redirect user to threat feedback page

prediction (Prediction)

Ml prediction of the threat

classification (ThreatClassification)

An estimate on how likely this threat is to be malicious